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Women's Decorative Scarf And Shawl

Women's Decorative Scarf And Shawl

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Color: 18150-main picture, 19148-main picture, 19149-main picture, 19150-main picture, 19151-main picture, 19330-main picture, 19331-frosted flowering, 19331-ice blue, 19332-black and white, 19332-blue coffee, 19333-main picture, 19334-main picture, 19335-main picture, 19336-main picture, 19337-main picture, 19338-main picture, 19339-main picture, 19340-main picture, 19341-main picture, 19342-main picture, 19153-main picture, 19154-main picture, 19155-main picture, 19156-main picture, 19157-main picture, 19301-main picture, 19302-main picture, 19303-main picture, 19304-main picture, 19306-main picture, 19307-main picture, 19308-main picture, 19325-main picture, 19326-main picture, 19327-main picture, 19328-main picture, 19329-Main picture
Main fabric composition: Silk
Popular elements: Lines
Style: square scarf
Length (CM):68 * 68cm

Packing list:
Silk Scarf * 1

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