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Wood Grain Fast Charge Wireless Charger Base

Wood Grain Fast Charge Wireless Charger Base

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Electrical outlet

Product information:

Input parameters: 5 (V)
Output parameters: 9 (V)
Type: wireless charging
Charging current: 1000 (mA)
Battery type: wireless charging
Indication function: with indication function
Interface: USB
Power: 10 w,15 w

Function parameter description:
1. Input voltage: 5V2A / 9V1.7A
2. Wireless output 5V1A / 9V1.3A
3. Charging current: 750mAh-1000MAH
4. Charging power: up to 10W
5`Wireless conversion efficiency: 83%, booster circuit 90%
6. Transmission distance: maximum 9mm, the recommended distance between receiving and sending is 2mm~4mm
7. Standby power consumption: average power consumption is less than 50mW
8. Over-temperature protection: When the temperature is higher than 60 degrees during charging, the charging will automatically stop for 2 minutes, and then recharge after the temperature drops.
9. Over-current protection: When the current consumption is greater than 1.8A during charging, the charging will be automatically stopped to prevent damage to the charger
10. Executive standard: Qi wireless charging standard
11. Product certification: Compatible with QI certification standards

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